Barek Geryen Kreios

Ex-Darrian Navy pilot


Str: 5 Mod -1
Dex: 11 Mod +2
End: 5 Mod -1
Int: 12 Mod +2
Edu: 10 Mod +1
Soc: 5 Mod -1

Space Science (Robotics) 0 free from Darrian
High-Tech: Computers 0
Engineer (M-Drive) 0
Vacc-Suit 1
Pilot (Spaceship) 3
Tactics(Naval) 1
Gun Combat (Pistol) 2
Forgery 1
Interrogation 1
Vehicle (Grav) 1
Engineer (Electronics) 1
Blade Combat 1


Barek Geryen Kreios had a fairly standard childhood on Daryen. Two parents, a younger brother.
Upon coming to age, he, as every Darrian, had the choice between advanced education and joining the military. Inflicted with a critical attitude towards research and a desire to travel, he chose to join the Navy, acing the pilot college over the next four years. According to his instructors, he exhibited a natural talent for piloting.
Freshly graduated as a sublieutenant, his first assignment and first year directly was a resounding success personally. Involved in a coordinated strike against pirate operating bases, he managed to fly the frigate he piloted out of a tactical trap, resulting in no losses from what would otherwise have resulted in a complete mission-kill.
On the mission afterwards, also a strike against pirates, he managed such precise stationkeeping that his frigate was able to lay down fire-support for the marines boarding the station through corridors and windows.
At 22, he was assigned to an intelligence college, to function more effectively as support for covert elements which he’d have to extract and infiltrate, resulting in a somewhat botched operation the year after. After twenty-two successfull covert insertions, his co-pilot had the bad luck to nearly run through an ore-freighter in the asteroid belt, resulting in the detection and what would later be called an ‘incident’. In fact, said incident was the fight between two smaller fleets, two destroyers and three frigates against four SDB which resulted in a total loss for the in-system ones while the Darrian ships probably made their getaway clean. However, through the resulting investigation, he had to spend the next year on the ground.
His next assignment ended with another border skirmish, but this one more violent for the Confederacy. Two ships were complete losses, and the SDB he commanded was hit badly on the bridge, killing most of the crew and wounding Kreios. Despite the blood loss, he managed to land the ship nearly intact on the nearest planet, a feat that probably served many lives.
On his 33rd birthday, he got a message that would, ultimately, change his life. And not for the best. His younger brother, possibly trying to follow in his footsteps but pacifist of outlook, had had joined a free trader crew ten years ago, and sent word of a gig he’d had for another crew that was looking desperately for a good pilot. Seeing this as a chance for improving his probably small future pension, he quit his carreer with the rank of Commander, and began a long travel towards Glisten. Luckily for him, the cost for that travel had been paid in advance with the proposal. However, once he arrived there, the problems began. The ship required some more repairs and cargo, and the crew agreed to share those expenses with one another as they began their travels rimward. Debts increased and increased, and with that the tension in the crew increased. Some proposed just taking the ship and fleeing with it, turning pirate or smugglers, or just giving it up. Several of them agreed, several disagreed. With the effect that one day, on Tobia’s high-port, the crew had decided to just screw it all and about half of them departed. With the ship. Including a fairly disagreeing crewmember in a not-as-such living state. Kreios and two others just had the luck of being off board when that happened – but that still meant lacking most equipment (luckily not access to his meagre amount of credits) and no immediate way back. Because that was his new goal – get back to the Confederancy and get back into the Navy once having earned enough money for that to be possible.

Barek Geryen Kreios

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