Guurig Galaan Tuukhiir Fuulaan

Male, Aslan, Ex-Military


Age: 32
Race: Aslan
Homeworld: Kusyu
Racial Traits: Str +1, Dex -2, Natural Weapon (Claw)

Str: 13 Mod: +2 Int: 4 Mod: -1
Dex: 10 Mod: +1 Edu: 4 Mod: -1
End: 9 Mod: +1 Soc: 4 Mod: -1

Guurig is tall, 1.9 meters, and very muscular, even through his fur. He has short-haired fur covering his entire body with a mane and goatee. His fur is a darker brown than most Aslan and his mane is actually limp compared to most majestic males of his species. More of a long, human hairstyle with streaks of black and a few braids hanging here and there. He is obviously well armed, and wears flowing, loose black pants that taper to his ankles to show his bare padded feet and a flack jacket overlaid with what looks like a modified monk’s robe that is a dark maroon. It is clean, but somewhat shabby and the sleeves have been ripped off. On his left wrists he wears a braclet that appears to be doubled string of black, wooden mantra beads with a red tassle. With his feline features make his expression hard to read, but his face is usually blank or wearing a slight scowl, but his overall demeanor is calm and he speaks in deep, almost soothing rumble of a voice.

Armor: Flack Jacket (TL8) Rating 6

Animals (Training) 0 Athletics (Strength) 0 Drive 0
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1 Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 2 Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 1
Heavy Weapons (Launchers) 0 Melee (Blade) 1 Recon 1
Pilot (small) 1 Gunner (Turrets) 1 Melee (Natural Weapon) 1
Comms 1 Melee (Bludgeon) 0 Survival 0
Stealth 1 Medic 1
Finances: COH: 1500
Equipment Mass Equipment Mass Equipment Mass
AV Comm NA Combat Drug NA TL8 Binoculars 1kg
Prayer Book .5 Karma Notebook Mass Stimpack x 2 Mass
Medikit 8kg Breather Mask na
Equipment Mass Equipment Mass Equipment Mass
Total Mass=
Ranged Weapons
Weapon TL Range Dmg Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Mag. Cost Ammo Cost
Gauss Rifle 12 Ranged 4d6 4 0 4 80 1,500 40
Gauss Pistol 13 Ranged 3d6 4 -1 0.5 40 500 20

GR Attack Roll = 2d6 + GC 1 + Dex 1 ( + 1 Lsr Sight + Aiming 1 = +2 (if aiming)
GP Attack Roll = 2d6 + GC 2 + Dex 1 ( + 1 Lsr Sight + Aiming 1 = +2 (if aiming)

Weapon Upgrades:
Gauss Rifle: Laser Sight +1 attack, Secure weapon (DNA)
Gauss Pistol: Laser Sight +1 attack, Secure weapon (DNA), Silencer

Gauss Rifle: 2 mags = 160 rounds
Gauss Pistol: 2 mags = 80 rounds

Melee Weapons
Weapon TL Range Dmg Heft Mass (kg) Cost
Blade 2 Melee (small blade) 2d6 - 0.5 50
Stunstick 8 Melee (bludgeon) 1d6 - 0.5 300

Blade Attack Roll = 2d6 + Blade 1 + Str 2
StnStick Attack Roll = 2d6 + Bludgeon 0 + Str 2

Career History
Career Branch Events Rank Title
Army Peace Keeping Assignment PFC Infantry
Marines PFC Ground Assault

Sgt. Teff Khuliin Hekhtu Fulaan- former Squad Leader


Short version: Guurig is a warrior fed up with war and trying to be shed his old ways and strive for peace. Operative word is “trying”. He’s a work in progress.

Guurig Galaan Tuukhiir Fuulaan

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