Lyana Narcesti

Only slightly crazy.


Female Human

Age: 34.

Abilities: Str 7, Dex 12, End 8, Int 8, Edu 6, Soc 2.

Skills: Animals (farming) 0, Athletics (coordination) 0, Deception 0, Gun Combat (slug pistols) 1, Mechanic 1, Medic 0, Pilot (spacecraft) 1, Recon 0, Stealth 1, Streetwise 0, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 1.



Ally: Captain Owen Wilson of the Second Chance, a Heavy Freighter that is part of Glories Under the Claw. Captain Wilson was the man who saved Lyana from a fate worse than death at the hands of the Syoakh law enforcement by taking her on as a crewmember. He made her work her passage, and probably harder than was strictly necessary, but Lyana always looked up to him as a mentor – even as a father figure, something she hadn’t had previously – and he reciprocated. The two of them make an odd pair – he the Imperial socialite, scion of a relatively well-connected family back in central space, she an escaped slave and the daughter of a prostitute. But the bond between them is unbreakable – Wilson even offered to scrap his entire crew to keep Lyana on board ship and start over, but she refused to let him even consider such a potentially-career-ending move.

Contact: Audrey Cyme, now a first-class petty officer in the Trojan subsector navy. Audrey took Lyana under her wing during her first month in the Navy, and it was largely due to Audrey’s influence that Lyana was able to stay in the navy at all, much less become an apprentice, after spending a quarter of her tour of duty being stitched up.

Equipment 60,220 Cr.; debt of 30,000 Cr. owed to the Tobia General Practitioners Union.
Armour: Vacc Suit (TL 12): Protection 6, Weight 12 kg, requires Vacc Suit 0. Includes eye protection, magnetic grapples, IR chameleon.

Weapon: Wilson’s gauss pistol (TL 13): Damage 3d6, Auto 4, Recoil -1, Weight 0.5 kg, Magazine 40, Ammo Cost 20/magazine. Has 3 magazines of ammunition. Includes X-Ray Laser Sight, Silencer.

Neural comm. (audio only)
Medikit (TL 8)
Light-intensifying goggles.
Breather mask.
Mechanical toolkit.
Computer/2 (TL 11), includes Interface/0, Security/1, Database on what is known about the Glorious Empire (100 Cr. worth), Database of basic education (10 Cr. worth), 8 data wafers containing games and music.

Saying that Lyana has had it rough is like saying the ocean is large – it’s true, but it doesn’t really let you grasp the scope of the problem. Lyana was born into slavery in the so-called “Glorious” Empire, her mother was a prostitute and she never met her father. By the time she was twelve, she had escaped into the warrens of the capital city, becoming a street rat. By the time she was fourteen, she had joined (through methods better left unsaid) a minor gang of thieves and cutthroats in the bowels of the capital. By the time she was sixteen, she had actually become a member of the gang, and her natural talents towards strength and speed gave her an edge against the myriad law enforcement groups. By the time she was nineteen, the law had arrested her and kept her for three years, trying to force from her the names and locations of the rest of the gang. She never told, but that didn’t stop them from trying methods that were even frowned upon against humans.

On her twenty-second birthday (though she had no idea that it was so), she managed to break free during another “interrogation” session, fatally stabbing her interrogator and three prison guards, and wounding six more. Badly wounded, leaving bloody footprints behind wherever she went, chased by a veritable army of law enforcement, and staggering from place to place, she dropped to her knees in front of a man named Owen Wilson and begged him to take her with him. Moved nearly to tears by her pathetic state, he took her on board his ship, the aptly-named Second Chance, got her cleaned up and her wounds treated, and put her to work for her passage, tasks which she took to with great enthusiasm.

It didn’t take long for Wilson to figure out that Lyana didn’t know how to read, and he took it upon himself to tutor her in reading, writing, and basic mathematics. The rest of the crew didn’t know what to make of this strange street waif – she was clearly completely uneducated, crude, and even brutish at times, and yet she clearly devoted every waking hour to bettering either herself or the ship.

After half a decade on board, the rest of the crew had finally accepted her as a vital – if strange – part of the crew. Many of them supplemented the captain’s efforts to teach her, and she advanced quickly.

Then she fell in love with Rupert Scott, the chief engineer on the Second Chance.

For once, Lyana didn’t spend every waking moment working. She spent more and more time in Rupert’s company. The rest of the crew didn’t mind, as Lyana still pulled her own weight (instead of four peoples’) and she was actually more pleasant to be around. She didn’t even notice as the gentle smiles turned to hushed whispers and furtive winks.

Then, finally, in drydock at Tobia, two years ten months and nine days into the relationship, Lyana caught Rupert in bed with a member of the ground crew.

The resulting row could be heard across seven spaceships and was the subject of three emergency calls.

To call Rupert Scott a “scumbag” would be to insult scumbags in general. While having a relationship with Lyana, the man was simultaneously having affairs with three other women on board the ship, had a wife and three children that he had never mentioned, and had been spreading the sordid details (some true and some completely fabricated) about his and Lyana’s love affair to the rest of the crew.

The next morning, Lyana packed up her meager possessions and left the ship behind forever.

Captain Wilson had tried to persuade her to stay, even offering to fire every single other member of the crew, but Lyana had pointed out (quite rightly) that if he even threatened to do that where other people might have heard, he would have lost his ship, commission, and pension in one fell swoop. In the end, he gave her his treasured gauss pistol to protect herself with and sent her off with a letter of recommendation and his blessings.

As it turned out, the letter of recommendation was essential to getting Lyana hired on as a crewmember aboard the Pride of Tobia, a Navy ship that was in port at the time. Again, Lyana worked her tail off, impressing her higher-ups and attracting the attention of a young petty officer named Audrey Cyme, who took the older Lyana under her wing and taught her anything and everything she could. Again, Lyana was happy for a time, but reality has a way of breaking in.

On one of her volunteer duties, Lyana was escorting a fellow crewmember to his court-martial for assaulting a superior officer with a deadly weapon. Suddenly, the man broke free and grabbed a sword off of a nearby crewmember, and, when Lyana moved to intercept him, he eviscerated her, leaving her dying on the deck.

It took the surgeons two months to get her body back in working order, it took her a further three months to waken from her (medically-induced) coma, and it took her a further seven months to be declared fit for duty once more. The Navy was going to pay for her medical costs, but the paperwork disappeared and the time limit has expired, leaving Lyana to foot the bill in its entirety. She is also due for a Purple Heart, but that paperwork appears to have gotten lost as well. And though she did manage to achieve the rank of Spaceman Apprentice, she elected to leave the Navy and seek employment elsewhere – say for example on a trader, where she had originally been the happiest.

It is at this point, with her body starting to show the signs of age and debilitating injuries, her mind still not nearly as sharp as the majority of people, and her heart perhaps irrevocably broken, that she finds her way to this history.

Lyana has a fantastic work ethic – she spends nearly every waking hour working or learning. Her innocence in terms of love has been shattered in a way of nearly unmatched brutality, and she is still trying to decide if she can trust anyone at all.

However, she has extremely bad luck with injuries, specifically weapon-induced. To be precise, any time a weapon is drawn near her, she ends up getting hurt. An acceptance of this fact leads Lyana to take heavy risks, draw fire towards herself, and otherwise act to endanger herself over others – not because she doesn’t value her life, but because she’d rather be shot at and hurt than be shot and hurt in the crossfire as a bystander – and, in her mind, she doesn’t have the option of not getting hurt.

Lyana Narcesti

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