Shunka Wana

Ex Pirate, Ex Navy Spacehand, Looking her place among the stars


Name: Shunka Wana
Age: 30
Race: Human
Homeworld: Asteroid Mine 78AT1 (High Technology, Asteroid)
Racial Traits: none

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength 8 0
Dexterity 9 1
Endurance 12 2
Intellect 7 0
Education 9 1
Social 4 -1

Skills: Computer 0, Zero-G 0, Space Science 0, Engineer 0, Deception 0, Athletics (Co-ordination) 0, Streetwise 0, Melee (blade) 0, Gun Combat (slug pistol) 1, Gunner (Turrets) 0, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Vacc Suit 0, Mechanic 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Astrogation 1, Sensors 1, Survival 1, Recon 1, Gun Combat (slug rifle) 1, Stealth 1, Medic 1

Flak Jacket (TL8), Protection 6, Cost 300cr, Mass(kg) 2, Options: Eye Protection, Total Cost 350cr

Dagger (TL1), Melee (small blade) or Ranged (thrown), Damage 1d6+2, Cost 10cr, 2 daggers, Total Cost 20cr

Blade (TL2), Melee (small blade), Damage 2d6, Cost 50cr, Total Cost 50cr

Autopistol “WALTER” (TL6) Ranged (pistol), Damage 3d6-3, Auto No, Recoil 0, Mass 0.5kg, Magazine 15, Cost 200cr, Ammo Cost 10cr, Options: Laser Sight (TL10) 200cr, 4 clips of ammo, Intelligent Weapon (TL13), Total Cost 8,940cr

ACRBethany” (TL10), Ranged (rifle), Damage 3d6, Auto 6, Recoil 0, Mass 3kg, Magazine 40, Cost 1000cr, Ammo Cost 15cr, Notes Benefit Weapon, 4 clips of ammo Total Cost 30cr

Snub Pistol(TL8), Ranged (pistol), Damage 3d6-3, Auto No, Recoil 0, Mass n/a, Magazine 6, Cost 150cr, Ammo Cost 10cr, Options: 2 clips of ammo, Total Cost 20cr

Gear: Coom (TL8) 150cr, Computer (TL9) 100cr 5kg, Medikit (TL8) 1000cr 8kg, Stim Drugs (TL8) 50cr, Environment Suit (TL8) 500cr, Breather Mask (TL8) 150cr, Mechanical Toolkit 1000cr 12kg, Ship’s Jumpsuit Cr30 x2 mass 2kg, Evening Jacket Cr 150 x2 mass 2kg, Dress Pants Cr 70 x2 mass 2kg, Dress Shirt Cr 45 x2 mass 1200g, Dress Vest Cr 50 x2 mass 1kg, Slinky Silk Dress Cr 2000 mass 100g, Heavy Coat Cr 50 mass 4kg, Unitard Cr 60 x2 mass 1kg, Swimming Costume Cr 100 mass 1kg, Nightgowns Cr 15 x2 mass 1200g, T-Shirt Cr 10 x10 mass 1kg, Shorts Cr 25 x5 mass 70g, Pants Cr 30 x5 mass 1500g, Underwear Cr 35 x10 mass 500g, Long Underwear Cr25 mass 1kg, Arctic Survival Suit Cr500 mass 10kg, Dress Boots (high-top) Cr70 2kg, Dress Boots (low-top) Cr40 1500g, Dress Boots w/Magnetic Grapples (low-top) Cr 140 mass 1500g, Dress Socks Cr10 x3 200g, Common Socks Cr5 x10 mass 100g, Hiking Boots Cr50 2kg, Gloves Cr5 100g, Belt Cr20 1kg, Dress Belt Cr20 x2 mass250g, Dress Gloves Cr15 mass 100g, Webbing Harness Cr20 mass 200g, Handbag Cr100 x2 mass 100g, Backpack Cr75 mass 2kg, Towel Cr10 x3 mass 2kg, Sunglasses Cr75 mass 100g, Clothing Maintenance Kit Cr10 mass 5kg, Luggage Cr30 mass 5kg

Credits: 14,000cr – 13,350 (in bank on Tobia), 8,000cr (held in trust by Tommy Goldworth), 3,620cr (in currency), 300K from Lindell – 6,703


General Bio: Shunka Wana was the daughter of a miner father and a Mechanic mother and one of eight children in a environment that had little space to spare for a family. Shunka was educated at the hands of her mother who only wished to educate her children in ways of being ready to one day take over operation and working of the mining operation. Life on Asteroid Mine 78AT1 was cramped and noise with many dangers but it was also a close net family, a community of hard working men and women and their children. A average child Shunka expected that her life was set and it would have been if the ship the Black Terror had never shown up.

The Black Terror was a pirate ship that attacked the mining operation in hopes of not only sealing equipment and minerals but also forcefully drafting on new crew from the working population. At the age of 18 Shunka was a young woman who was taken not so much for her skills but for her looks and the crew were not gentle and when she was taken her father tried to intervene as his eldest daughter was groped by the pirates. Shunka watched as her father was gunned down in front of her before she was forced onto the pirate ship along with three other young women and six men.

Life on the pirate ship was hell but it was soon that Shunka was able to learn enough to guarantee her position on the ship’s crew and as such was no long subjected to abuse. It was only shortly after she was one of the crew that while docked she was chosen to accompany the Captain Trance Parker as he meet with a local crime syndicate to negotiate a deal. Unfortunately the meeting didn’t go well and a fire fight broke out but in was in that fire fight that helped cover Captain Parker’s escape.

Shunka adapted to her life as a pirate with ease and never thought of trying to do anything else, once more her life was set by others. Working as a pilot on the bridge of the Black Terror, Shunka was a natural at the helm. It was eight years after that she became a pirate that her life would take a another turn when the Black Terror was cornered by the Imperial Navy. After a fierce battle the crew abandoned the ship and Shunka’s life-pod was picked up by the Navy and she was arrested for piracy.

During Shunka’s trail her being press ganged into the crew of the Black Terror came to light and even her mother was allowed to give testimony by a video recording about her daughter’s kidnapping. In light of these facts the military judge gave Shunka the option of military service of no less than four years or eight years in a work prison.

So it was the Shunka joined the Imperial Navy as a Engineer and it was the first organized educational training. Shunka hated the rigid rules and command structure but was a natural spacer and her skills and daring placed her in line for a promotion within two years of joining the Navy. With her advancement into the rank of Able Spacehand Shunka was given command of the Gunnery Crew of the Navy Scout Ship TX11, the Stinger. In truth Shunka grew more attached to the Stinger than she ever did her fellow crew members or Navy life and when it came time for her reenlistment and she learned that she was going to be assigned to another ship Shunka decided to leave the Navy.

Now done with her military and pirate career Shunka is looking for a place in the galaxy and a new line of work, one that she is determined to choose for herself and not have chosen for her.

Shunka Wana

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