Florian Trade Company

Home Port: Gazulin.
Territory: Trojan Reach.

(Human Sector-Wide Line) The FTC was founded by entrepreneurs from Gazulin subsector, soon after peaceful relations were established with the Florian League. The insular Floriani initially rejected any offers to trade with outsiders for cultural reasons. The initial idea came from a historian and archaeologist, Brahna haut-Vorhes, an expert on the lost Empire of Sindal. Her research indicated that the Sindalians occasionally traded with a strange race somewhere to spinward, who were described as ‘child-like’. She reasoned that this description could apply to the Barnai caste of the Floriani and that the old trade protocols and treaties used by the Sindalians and the Floriani could be used to reopen trade links.

She gathered a consortium of merchants and investors, who sent out two far trader-type ships armed with a copy of haut-Vorhes’ A New Appraisal of Trade and Commerce in the Middle Period of the Sindal Empire and two holds full of precious metals. The traders returned with a cargo of high-tech goods and tales of a wondrous world full of Ancient ruins – Floria.

The FTC was launched to great acclaim in 171 and traded for nearly thirty years, garnering vast profits, until the Florians suddenly closed their borders. It was later discovered that the Florians made contact with the Zhodani around the year 200 and that this incident somehow led to the Florians recoiling from contact with the rest of the galaxy for centuries. Three centuries later, when the Florians re-established themselves, GeDeCo investors reformed the FTC.

The FTC today is an independent corporation, although GeDeCo is still a significant shareholder. In addition to its normal trade runs, the FTC has a number of J4 liners who bring rich tourists to visit the Ancient ruins on Floria.

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Florian Trade Company

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