Tobia Sub-sector

As far as the Imperial government is concerned, Tobia is the Trojan Reach. Tobia is the ducal seat and holds the sector fleet. The main trade route between the Imperium and the Ya’soisthea clans of the Hierate runs through Tobia and the sector has a considerable proportion of high-technology, highindustry worlds. It is also a highly cosmopolitan subsector, with a very large number of non-human citizens. Ayldem is a Droynecontrolled world, while more than 80% of the Hradus population are naturalised Aslan. Walk through the cities of Tobia, New Moscow or Pryme and you can see a half-dozen sentient species on a single street. Unlike Pax Rulin, which perceives itself to be in a constant state of siege, Tobia welcomes traders and visitors from outside the Imperium.

The Duke of Tobia is also Sector Duke and as such has vast influence over the Trojan Reach. In fact, the sector is so isolated from the rest of the Imperium that the Duke of Tobia effectively runs the sector without any advice or guidance from Capital. Tobia subsector nobility are all related, one way or the other, to the ducal family. The main communication route back to the Imperium runs through Usher subsector in Reft Sector, not through the Spinward Marches. Hundreds of x-boats and naval vessels travel this route every year and two subsectors – Tobia and Gazulin – rely on its security. In recent years, the route has been disrupted several times. First, the Droyne world of Ayldem closed its starport to visitors for unknown reasons, forcing the Imperium to rapidly construct a new class-A port on the unfortunately named Our Planet (the official name of this world is Astrolabe but only clerks in the Scout service actually use it; the builders of the starport then claimed the world as their own and now live there). The Droyne reopened traffic four years later, by which time a revolution on Simok destroyed the former class-A port there, along with two megafreighters. There have also been numerous incidents of piracy and smuggling along the route, forcing Tobia to divert more ships to patrolling the Berg cluster instead of the border worlds.

The main trade route with the Hierate runs from Pandora and Wildeman to the aptly named Fist and then to Imisaa, the trader’s world. From there, trade diffuses to the other Imperial worlds; half the worlds around Imisaa specialise in repackaging Aslan goods for sale in the Imperium, while the others specialise in stealing from the first half or from traders.

Key Planets:

Scaladon AAD98DK-A
Empire B679334-C
Hradus B54699B-7
Imisaa B520867-6
Fist B789430-C
Simok DAA08CC-5
Tobia A444A55-F

Name Location Bases Statistics Trade Codes Travel Code Allegiance Gas Giants
Pryme 0103 B48668B-9 Ag Ni Ri I G
Nekrino 0105 N A788400-C Ni I G
Boulder 0107 D100758-9 Va Na I
Exocet 0110 A574126-8 Ni Lo G
Intelia 0202 C474653-6 Ag Ni I G
Gor 0204 C868677-3 Ag Ni Ri I
Scaladon 0206 AAD98DK-A Fl A I
Empire 0301 N B679334-C Ni Lo I G
Hradus 0304 S B54699B-7 In Hi I G
Hexx 0305 N B78A577-D Ni Wa I G
Iilgan 0309 C467787-8 Ag Ri G
Saurus 0403 A350543-B De Ni Po I G
971-852 0404 E78A000-0 Ba A I G
Ardasii 0405 N B650684-9 Ni De Po I
Wildeman 0409 B201674-C Ic Na Ni Va G
Pandora 0410 B878313-B Ni Lo G
Darchona 0502 B49A742-A Wa I G
Sabruse 0505 IRS EAC8343-8 Fl Lo Ni I
Imisaa 0506 N B520867-6 Na Po De I G
Fist 0508 B789430-C Ni I G
Dimorus 0601 D300755-4 Na Va I
Our Planet 0602 B687100-A Ni Lo I G
Ayldem 0603 N A7407X4-D Po De A I G
Pichot 0605 E546330-3 Ni Lo I G
New 0606 S D66668A-5 Ri Ni Ag I G
Khaliki 0701 IP D11156B-9 Ic Ni I G
Simok 0703 DAA08CC-5 De I G
Attee 0706 C7529AE-4 Po Hi I G
Eshadi 0707 B431358-E Ni Po Lo I G
New Moscow 0709 B76779A-7 Ag Ri I
Berg 0802 N A675542-B Ag Ni I
Kedus 0803 D867400-3 Ni I G
Tobia 0805 N, IC A444A55-F In Hi I G
Batav 0809 B5A8764-A Fl An I

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