Trojan Reach Sector

Space4It is called the Outrim Void. The Borderland. Wild Space.

If the Spinward Marches is an isolated outpost to the rest of the Imperium, then the Trojan Reach is where the wilderness begins. The sector is an expanse of uncharted worlds and petty, backward barbarian kingdoms, a chaotic, treacherous zone of space teetering on the maw of the Great Rift.

Somewhere, out there beyond the little one-world kingdoms and the failed Second Imperium colonies, are the ferocious and fearsome Aslan, unrestrained by the Peace of Fthair. At least, that is the Imperial perspective. To the Aslan, the Trojan Reach is a feast they have only begun to savour. As far as the eye can see and the scout-ship can jump is a vista of worlds begging to be conquered. These are not lifeless, rocky wastelands – these are vibrant, rich worlds, living worlds. The Aslan know that expansion in this direction must, inevitably, lead to conflict with the Imperium but they welcome this challenge.

The Trojan Reach Sector is known as Idrflanta in Zhodani, and Hlaoirloahaurl in Trokh.

This sector is split between the Imperium, the Aslan Hierate, the Florian League, the Glorious Empire, and a band of non-aligned worlds, known for historical reasons as the Outrim Void, which separates the Hierate worlds from the other interstellar states.

The Trojan Reach is a border sector, with small independent nations comprised of a few worlds who have banded together to form partners in defense, trade and commerce. In this sector, one can travel from the Imperium through these small, independent states to the Aslan Hierate.

AslanThe Aslan have had star flight for less than 3,200 years. Their spread through space has been slow; they crossed the Great Rift in -1044 yet didn’t reach the border between Riftspan Reaches and the Trojan Reach until around -400 and didn’t reach the current border until around 600.

The Belgariad Sojourn occupies three worlds in the Egyrn Subsector (Belgard, Gorgon, and Eleson). Known for their use of obsolete equipment, their origins are lost in myth and legend. The Sojourn only wish to be left alone.

Consisting of 27 worlds in three subsectors, the Florian League reached its current extent 500 years ago and is content to stay at its current size. The League’s capital is at Floria/Yggdrasil, which boasts TL15. Currently the League is on favorable terms with both the local dominant Aslan clans and the Imperium, actively trading with everyone in addition to providing stability in the region.

The Glorious Empire is an offshoot of the Hierate, founded some 500 years ago by a prosperous trader. The Empire’s main prospect is in trade and is considered to be rather ingenious at bargaining. The principles on which it is run are considered unacceptable to proper Aslans and all Hierate clans profess enmity towards them, though no clan actually does anything about it.

Imperial worlds are members of the Imperium; the protection of the Imperial Navy encourages trade and commerce.

The Senlis Foederate (Senlis, Orsasch and Magen) is a small independent trading and defense alliance, and the first stage of a trade route across the Void. The worlds of Kydde and Bantral, both within the Void, have high agricultural status and have trade connections to the Foederate and Imperium.

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Trojan Reach Sector

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