Jacob Gruder

Well-dressed distinguished looking gentleman - the Baron


Age: 50
Race: Human
Homeworld: Tobia
Racial Traits: none

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength 8 0
Dexterity 10 1
Endurance 7 0
Intelligence 10 1
Education 8 0
Social 12 2

Skills: Advocate 1, Athletics (Strength) 0, Art (Dance) 0, Battle-dress 0, Carouse 1, Deception 1, Diplomat 3, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Heavy Weapons (Launchers) 0, Investigate 2, Leadership 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Melee (Unarmed – Boxing) 1, Persuade 1, Recon 1, Stealth 1, Streetwise 1, Tactics (Military) 0

A handsome man with black hair going silver at the temples. He does nothing to hide this. Always dressed in a very nice tailored black suit with a white or grey turtle-neck shirt. Over the suit he has a black trench-coat, also tailored. When allowed, he wears a side-holster with an auto pistol.


Gruder 02
A handsome man with black hair going silver at the temples. He does nothing to hide this. Always dressed in a very nice tailored black suit with a white or grey turtle-neck shirt. Over the suit he has a black trench-coat, also tailored. When allowed, he wears a side-holster with an auto pistol.

Although he holds the proper title of Baron, he prefers those he calls friends to simply address him as Gruder.

Jacob followed the family tradition and became a Marine – Ground Assault, woohah! During his first tour, and due to his leadership skills, received a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant. His second tour was just as bloody because of bad intel, he and his unit were stranded behind enemy lines. Only Jacob made it back. Disgusted at the desk politics that cost him his men, he took his discharge and walked away.

Because his family was wealthy and came from nobility, Jacob joined the Diplomatic Corp. After fighting wars, he felt he would do everything he could to avert them and save more lives. He managed to make a 20-year career out of serving as a Diplomat but could never get above the position of 1st Secretary. He was good at his job, built a network of contacts and a few allies. But he was honest and when approached by a cabal of nobles to overthrow a small local government, he refused and turned many of them in. He was unaware of how big the true conspiracy and made powerful enemies that day.

Realizing that his career momentum had ended, he retired and spent the next 4-years knocking about space. Picking up some contacts here and there, seeing another side of life, getting into and out of a few scrapes, and learning a few new skills in life. Over the years he had lost touch with his parents, only keeping in contact with his sister Natasha. So it was a shock when he received her message that their parents had been killed in a transport accident. His sister had her suspicions about the ‘accident’ and Jake tended to agree. Now that the family title passed to him, he decided to return.

He now finds himself back home on Tobia and looking for something new.

Careers: Marines – Ground Assault, Nobility – Diplomat, Drifter – Wanderer

Contact: reporter – C.F. Kane. “Bulldog” as he is known to most, the reporter that one he gets his teeth into a story, he won’t let up. Many a public figure has suffered under the scathing pen of Bulldog. A chance meeting early in Gruder’s career is how they met. Bulldog always had a sense of people and Gruder was honest and could be hard when he needed. They developed a mutual respect and have shared information over the years, helping each other out. If there was ever a man dialed into politics, crime and the city, Bulldog was it. And he has been a great resource for Gruder.
Contact: Captain Owen Wilson of the Second Chance, a Heavy Freighter, a man with a background that doesn’t fit the image of a Freighter Captain. Both their families have strong ties going back several generations. Although the two were never close as kids or anything, they met occasionally at social functions and kept a cordial relationship. After his Marine service and start of his Diplo Corp, travelling became a bigger part of Gruder’s life. Although first-class accommodations on the best ships were standard for his job, he often liked to travel incognito and where better than on a freighter of an old friend. [I was inspired by Lyana’s background. Hope no one minds?]
Contact: A spook. “Jones” is the only name he has ever given, and Gruder has never asked anything more. He is a man well-placed within Military Intelligence and the two have mutually used each other over the years. They have met in person a few times, Jones is the type of person no one remembers, but more often they communicate via encrypted messaging.
Ally: an honest cop – Lt. Cody Summer. 4 years of knocking about the sector was a learning experience for Gruder. During this period he met the Lieutenant. Cody was a cop, former military intelligence and also worked as a Marshall. Cody also happened to be an attractive woman who could out-drink most men and out-shoot most as well. What probably was supposed to be a simple arrest in a bar turned ugly and the lead started flying. Cody was out-gunned and help was not coming. She happened to be taking down some bad cops, so she knew she was on her own. Now Gruder just happened to partaking in some top-shelf whisky at the bar, and seeing a good bottle get shot to hell and four-to-one odds he decided to intervene. The tide turned and Cody made her arrests. And a friendship was born.
Enemy: corporate man with ties to a criminal family – Sebastian Zeller. The cabal of nobles and corporate men that caused the ruin of Gruder’s diplomatic career was bigger than he ever realized. He never met most of the men behind the offer to overthrow a local government. And he turned in those he could. But men like that have long memories and powerful allies. Sebastian is one of these men. His company took a hit in the investigation and it cost him dearly to buy his way out of trouble. There is only one man to blame and Sebastian is a patient man, his opportunity for revenge will come.
Rival: Ambassador Templeton Pyke. Childhood friends, they went to school together. At college is where they became rivals, over a woman no less. Isn’t it always? This competition followed them into careers, both eventually ended up in the Diplo Corp. Pyke never learned what ended the upward mobility of Gruder’s career, he didn’t care, it just meant he won. He was now the Ambassador and Gruder had quit and went off-planet. In time Pyke grew to almost miss his old friend, the rivalry and competition made it fun. But now Gruder is back on planet and has inherited the family title and estate. When Pyke finds out, perhaps the games will commence again?

Pension: Cr10,000
Cash: Cr178,500
Benefits: TAS Membership, Yacht

Hand Computer (TL12) Comp/3 Cr2000

  • Database (TL7) Cr10,000
  • Security (TL12) Rating 3 Cr20,000 (-6)

Wafer Jack (TL13) Comp/4 Cr15,000

  • Translator (TL10) Rating 1 Cr500
  • Expert Program: Art 1 (TL11) Rating 1 Cr1,000 (Skill 0, DM+1)
  • Expert Program: Advocate 1 (TL11) Rating 1 Cr1,000 (DM+1)
  • Expert Program: Computers 2 (TL12) Rating 2 Cr10,000 (Skill 1)
  • Expert Program: Sensors 2 (TL12) Rating 2 Cr10,000 (Skill 1)

Gear: Electromagnetic Probe (TL10), Respirator (TL10), Pocket Knife, Lighter, Silver Cigarette Case

Cloth, Improved Trenchcoat (TL10) Protection 5 Cr500

  • Smart Fabric (TL10) +Cr1,000

Diplo Vest (TL9) Protection 3 Cr250

Autopistol, 10mm (TL7) 3d6-2 12-shot Recoil 1 1.1kg Cr250

  • Gyrostabiliser (TL9) -1 recoil +Cr300
  • Laser Sight (TL10) +1 to hit close & short range +Cr200
  • Secure (TL10) Bioscan +Cr100
  • Ammo Cr10 (4 clips)

Stunstick (TL8) 1d6+2d6 stun .5kg (1d6 to recharge between strikes)
Blade (TL2) 2d6 1kg
Stealth Dagger (TL8) 1d6+2 (-4 DM to detect)

Jacob Gruder

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