Mae Katya Wilder

"This is where I start to have fun." is something this archaeologist-adventurer will say quite often. She may only stand 5'7" with classic looks of a lady this lady has attitude to spare and mind not to be underestimated.


END 12
INT 10
EDU 10
Diplomat 2, Jack of All Trades 3, Survival 2, Persuade 3, Streetwise 1, Animals 0, Drive (Mole) 0, Flyer (Rotor) 0, Recon 0, Science (Archeology) 0, Mechanic 1, Athletics (Coordination) 1, Explosives 1, Language 2 , Trade 0, Engineer 0, Medic 0

equipment/mustering out

Mustered out with = Ally, +1 Edu, +1 Int, TAS membership, Stocks 1 million credits (assuming in a bank and doesn’t touch/or is unknown to my character), Property 100,000 cr (figured I sold the property to buy equipment used your “Shopping for gear price chart” and sold at a loss with a roll of Broker roll of 4 + 3 persuade skill = 7 for a loss of 10% = 90,000 Credits to buy equipment

Equipment below:
• Custom/Modified Probe Drone-aka “Data Digger” (TL11) Strength 3 (–1), Dexterity 7 (+0), Hull 3, Structure 3 Armour 5, Integral System (comm, audio/visual), Integral System (grav belt), Integral System (TL 11 holographic projector), Integral System = 15,000
o Add in perimeter alarm (TL9) = 1,000
o Additional armor going from 5 to 10 hull strength = cost 25%increase
o Desitometer (TL14) = 20,000
o Geiger Counter (TL5) = 250
o Computer with Intelligent Interface (TL 13) = 2,100
o Computer database (TL 12) = 2,000
o Security (TL11) = 1,000
o Translater (TL10) = 500
• Base cost 41,8500 + 25% (for hull) – 10% (for Broker roll of 6 + 3 persuade skill = 9) = Final Total 48,128
• Hostile Enviroment Vacc Suit (TL 12) Base cost 12,000 – 10% (for Broker roll of 7 + 3 persuade skill = 10) = Final Total 10,800
• Armoured Cloth Thermal Overcoat (TL 9) Base cost 2,000 + 20% (for Broker roll of 2 + 3 persuade skill = 5) = Final Total 2,400
• Sensor Shades (TL10) Base cost 1,000 + 10% (for Broker roll of 3 + 3 persuade skill = 6) = Final Total 1,100
• Stealth Dagger (TL8) Base cost 175 + 0 (for Broker roll of 5 + 3 persuade skill = 8) = Final Total 175 even
• Concealed Body Pistol (TL 10) Base cost 2,000 + 0 (for Broker roll of 4 + 3 persuade skill = 7) = Final Total 2,000 even
• Rifle/Poni Gun Double-Barrel (TL 8) Base cost 1,500 – 10% (for Broker roll of 6 + 3 persuade skill = 9) = Final Total 1,350
• Minefield Boots (TL8) Base cost 50 – 30% (for Broker roll of 9 + 3 persuade skill = 12) = Final Total 35
• Combat Environment Suit (TL 10) Base cost 1,000 – 10% (for Broker roll of 6 + 3 persuade skill = 9) = Final Total 900
• Automedic, Personal (TL 11) Base cost 15,500 – 30% (for Broker roll of 9 + 3 persuade skill = 12) = Final Total 10,850

Grand total 77,738 – original 90,000 left with 12,262 credit on me


Hello my name is Mae Katya Wilder but most people call me Wilder or Rollercoster Wilder. Everyone has a story and mine is no better or worse than anyone else’s. Dad died before I was born, and mom didn’t make it past my 16th birthday. A good childhood friend helped me take on work for his family until I knew what I wanted to do with my life. It’s good to have friends, but I wanted off the planet.

I did lots of reading to help me see what I could be good at and to find out what is out in the universe. If I had the credits or smarts, at the time I would have been an archaeologists or a scholar, as I had worked with a few, doing minor things but learning a lot, maybe too much. Looking for a research team to get work with was not easy without education, so I thought if I proved my value, some team would want me. Guess pissing off a noble, even a minor one, financing the project didn’t impress, or if it did, I’d never know as the overly-sensitive noble had me kidnapped and dropped off on a remote area of an abandoned world. Joke was on him, as I only had to wait awhile for a research team to show. At least I was able to diplomatically make a case to keep me on the next research team. Time with the researchers was well spent if not demanding, stimulating and just a bit crazy.

During our travels and my training, I became seen as gifted, able to tough it out and survive. Things only got tricky when I was left behind on one project to weather a storm and saved the site, to which I had our lead archaeologist’s gratitude and a little bit too much unwanted attention, to how I had gut feelings on if we were heading in the correct path.

After being with the same group for a little over a term, I took this situation as a sign to leave. First, I wanted to help them set up the new site, and then I would leave. With what had become normal way our group would operate, the supplies and everything else, including me, would be left at a location, I would scout around and find the best spot to set up our primary camp, and they would come in later. But they never came back. Not sure if they planned to leave me or suffered a mishap, but I was stuck, again, alone on a planet. Really, this cannot keep happening! On the plus side, I found something that could be a lead to a really big discovery that I don’t have to share and will not if I never get off this darn planet. After a year, I think, another research team shows up and I somehow convince them to take me off the planet, leading them to believe I knew nothing about the ruins on the planet and that I was just a grunt who got left behind by the last team. After all, I have no records or real education to prove otherwise.

Now that I wasn’t affiliated with any university or nobles, I could do my own thing… I just needed credits. I had saved up enough to maybe start the project, but would need more to finish if I found anything. But while making my plans, my old friend from home contacted me for help. I felt I should drop everything, because he was always there for me and had gotten me some of my first jobs. While I cannot go into much detail of what I did, I helped him and his family said they will remember. And one thing for sure, you can trust the word of the Genovese family. Personally, I was happy just to release some stress with an entertainer named Randolph, grab some extra credits needed to follow-up on my lead, finally, and officially call myself an archaeologist. Having a favor owed you is just an acein the hole.

And my lead couldn’t have been any better took me to a few worlds but I finally found something ancient and this technology could be older than the Imperium. But as my luck would have it, a group of strangers showed up shortly after my discovery. Their leader is a guy named Shook who believes I was fated to be here awaiting his arrival and to assist in his mission of immortality. I have hidden my item and need to play nice until I can escape as I feel he doesn’t play well with others. Kind of missing being stranded on a world ALONE.

Mae Katya Wilder

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