Randolph Emerson Wichester

Say, where have I seen him before?


Entertainer: Performer: Stage Magician, Rank 6 (Famous Performer), Age 38, have 5 contacts

He has a slight build (5’7”, 130 lbs) that he keeps through strict diet and aerobic exercise. Although he’s 38, healthy living, good genes, and excellent medical care has him looking at least a decade younger. He is androgynous, so depending on how he dresses, how he styles his hair or wears wigs, how he talks and acts, he can pass for male or female, and he uses disguises of both sexes regularly in his performances and in order to move about freely in public. He would have a supply of makeup, clothing, colored eye contacts, and basic disguise props and such from his show, though this has been greatly diminished given the situation in his last term.

STR (7) 8
DEX (9) 10 1
INT 11 1
EDU 12 2
SOC (10) 15 3
(Duke equivalent, Region of influence: Subsector, possibly own throughout the Empire)

Art: Acting 2, Carouse 1, Deception 3, Persuade 2, Streetwise 1, Stealth 1, Investigate 1, Computers 0, Trade 0, Language 0, Engineer 0, Steward 0


Term 1
He came from a well-to-do household on the lower end of a noble family. He competed for a spot on “Tobia’s Got Talent,” a broadcast reality show that has contestants being mentored and competing for an illustrious contract… and a shot at fame of course. Showcasing his skill as a budding stage magician, through hard work and talent, he managed to squeeze out a win.

Term 2
While on the contractually-obligatory interstellar tour for “Tobia’s Got Talent,” he studied acting to give his performance more oomph and panache. He enjoyed the public attention and chance to make contacts in the industry, expanding the reach of his horizon.

Term 3
Free from his contract, he got himself a manager/agent, Regis, who unfortunately got him contractually involved in a series of political fundraisers for a questionable candidate. He further developed his repertoire of tricks during this time. When charges of treasonous acts against the Imperium came up about the candidate, the event started having a negative impact on his career and public image, he learned to move quickly and quietly to avoid the press. When Regis proved unable to deal with the situation at all, he got another manager/agent, Lucius. Lucius had him doing interviews and appearances on popular talkshows in order to spin the story more in his favor, making it about the craft rather than the political one. That along with some rather public dates with well-liked but minor celebrities who needed some spotlight time themselves garnered more public well-being towards him. Eventually, the candidate was exonerated of any wrongdoing and the publicity storm ebbed.

Term 4
With Lucius guiding his career, he enjoyed leading a charmed life, luxuriating in his celebrity status and touring on his own throughout the sector. He wined and dined in celebrity circles, did more talkshows and public appearances, and had a couple of brief marriages in the whirlwind that had become his life. But everything must come to an end.

Term 5
He found out that his accumulated fortune wasn’t as readily available, as Lucius kept making excuses for why funds weren’t available for less and less extravagant purchases. In a rare act of caution, Randolph hires a private detective/accountant to investigate, which led him back to his own doorstep. His manager/agent, Lucius, had been skimming off the profits for years and, when confronted, ran off with most of his savings. Couldn’t afford to hire anyone to find Lucius, so he took the task on himself. He worked on his disguises and characters, infiltrating port security offices to track down Lucius’s flight path and make money to finance his vendetta. He offed bribes where needed and pretended to be “working on a role” when recognized, often persuading people to remain quiet. The trail ended up back on Tobia, of all places, in the house of the Genovese crime family, where Lucius had bought protection. He managed to work his way into the safehouse, but ended up caught. His only saving grace was that the crime boss recognized him, and his grandson happened to be a big fan. With the promise of future performances at Family events, especially children’s parties, he managed to escape with some of his savings and his life.

In the process of finding a new agent, he came across the charismatic cult leader, who had proof of ancient alien life and spoke convincingly of possible immortality. The thought of immortality was extremely appealing to him, not only avoiding aging and death, but giving him a long time to perfect his craft and rebuild his fortune. Oh, if he had only known…

Randolph Emerson Wichester

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